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When searching for reputable roofing contractors in Broome County, NY, we hope you soon discover we offer honest and fair services. While roof replacements are sometimes necessary, we understand that they can be prohibitively expensive. Our approach is to offer cost-effective roof repair solutions to extend the life of your existing roof, whenever possible.

Ins and outs of commercial and residential roof repair

Our roofing experts are well-equipped to handle roof repairs for both residential and commercial clients. Roof repairs are crucial for preventing leaks, maintaining energy efficiency, and extending the lifespan of your roof.

Asphalt shingle repair

Damaged or missing shingles are often the most common roof repair, making them a primary focus of our roof repair services. Over time, they can become dry, dislodged, or go missing due to weather exposure.

EPDM/rubber roof repair

EPDM roofing might also require maintenance and occasional repairs. Our team is experienced in addressing EPDM and rubber roof issues, such as tears, punctures, and seam separations, to maintain your property's integrity.

Roof pitch matters

The roof's pitch plays a significant role in its repair needs. Low-pitched roofs are more prone to water infiltration and, therefore, require more frequent repairs. We offer tailored solutions to reinforce the integrity of low-pitched roofs, ensuring they remain leak-free.

Roof with hail damage circled with chalk

Limit costs

Asbestos testing, for example, is often required before a roof replacement, and the costs associated with this can be significant, so let’s first begin with an inspection and make roof repairs when possible.

Multiple roof layers

Many older roofs have multiple layers of shingles, which can pose unique challenges. Over time, the accumulation of these layers will add significant weight to your roof, potentially leading to structural issues.

When a roof replacement might be a better choice

While we do everything we can to make roof repairs, if they become excessive over time or you have extensive water damage to your sheathing for example, we might recommend a roof replacement as the best solution.

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